Authentic Muay Thai Kick Boxing in Camden County New Jersey

Authentic Muay Thai Kick Boxing in Camden County New Jersey

Are you looking for that authentic Muay Thai experience and you’re a resident in Camden County New Jersey? Look no further. Kao Muay Thai, located at 7710 Maple Ave Pennsauken Township, NJ 08109 is the place for you.


We have programs for both adults and children. Not only will you learn traditional muay thai strikes and combinations, but you’ll get high level conditioning and cardio also. 


Classes typically go for 60 minutes. Once you gain more experience, you can join in on the light sparring that happens every Tuesday and Thursday night. We also offer a fantastic kids program.


Benefits of Muay Thai


Learning Muay Thai is a transformational experience. Because you’re using your arms, knees, and legs, it’s a full body workout. As long as you show up, expect your stamina to increase and your body fat to drop. Other benefits include:


Confidence: You’ll learn how to strike, defend, and evade giving you the necessary tools for self-defense. Increasing your fighting IQ will increase your self-esteem.


Instinct: You’ll understand the concept of distance, keeping your guard up, and moving, all of which will sharpen your reflexes and ability to react quickly in a real life situation.


Conditioning: During every Muay Thai class, we do pushups, squats, jump rope, and sit ups. Not only will you learn how to fight better, you’ll get in the best shape of your life.


Meet Your Instructor Legendary Muay Thai Fighter Phanuwat “Coke” Chunhawat


Phanuwat “Coke” Chunhawat’s fighting career began at age 13. 


Trained by legendary Jongsanan “Wooden Man” Fairtex, Coach Coke is a powerhouse when it comes to tradition, knowledge, and skill in Muay Thai. 


He has fought in several high profile fights in numerous stadiums in Thailand. Coach Coke has consistently ranked in the top 10 of his weight classes all throughout his career. 


If you’re looking for that authentic Muay Thai experience in Camden County New Jersey, you’ll be in the right hands. 


Contact Us

Feel free to call us at (856) 333-6128 so you can meet Coach Coke and see if Muay Thai is right for you.